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Custom Made Engagement Ring Process

All work done on premises, the entire process usually takes 2-3 weeks. The safety of your stones is important to us, so your purchase includes our Service Plan of 6 free follow-up stone checks and cleanings at your leisure to ensure your custom piece stays as perfect as the day you got it. We guarantee the quality of our work.

1.Design (Drawing)

 During our first appointment, we’ll work with you to create a draft to your liking.


2. CAD (Computer Image)

Once you’ve met with our jeweler and agreed on your custom design, we move on to a detailed computer generated image of the piece, which will be completed within 4-6 days.

 Here we’ll finalize all the details and make any changes necessary.


3. Wax

We print a wax replica of the CAD for your examination and approval.

mary wax2_edited.jpg

4. Cast & Finish

Casting and finishing based on the customer's request, a high polish surface, brushed, oxidized, etc. 


The Making of Elena's Pendant

A quick walkthrough of our design process when we made a gorgeous pendant for a wedding a customer was attending.

The Completed Piece

Customer Experiences

Greg's Pinky Ring

Karen's Charm Bracelets

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